2017 Battle at the Silver Dragon

Oct. 4-7, 2017


The Spanish made the record for European teams on Silver Dragon

On October 7th 2017, the 2017 Silver Dragon Shoot Out staged the final match-up. Australia, the defending champion, met Spanish team led by the European champion Enico Arcelo in the final. After a 30 kilometers long distance competition, the Spanish won the game with a slight advantage of 0.7 points in the end. Spain became the third country who won the Silver Dragon surfing competition after the United States and Australia.


Team Spain

Eneko Acera

Hometown:Getxo, Basque Country
Sponsors:MATTA Surfboards, Pukas,Mercedes Benz Aguinaga

·    Junior World Champion 1996 (International Surfing Association)
·    European Surfing Champion (1999, 2001)
·    World Champion at Pantin Galicia (1996, 2005)
·    Basque Circuit Champion 2014
·    Bizkaia Champion (2014, 2015)


Natxo Gonzalez

Hometown:Biscay, Basque Country
Sponsors:Red Bull,Quiksilver,Pukas,Mercedes Benz Aguinaga

This Basque shredder is one of Europe’s most promising big wave surfers.

Last competition results:
·    3rd Place: WSL Big Wave World Tour, Nazaré, Portugal
·    1st Place: Silver Dragon Shootout, Qiantang River, China
·    1st Place: Siroko Surf League, Spain


Team Australia

Dean Morrison

Hometown:Coolangatta, Australia
Years of surfing:32 Years
Sponsors:The Mad Hueys、JS Industries

Dean “Dingo” Morrison needs no introduction – but just in case, we’ll give you a quick rundown. He was born in Coolangatta in 1980, became housemate to World Champ Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew by the age of 15, was a CT competitor by 2002 and transitioned into big wave surfing by 2012. Now, in his mid-thirties, he continues to chase swells around the world – reaping the rewards, but also copping the beatings.

One wave he has a very close relationship with is Pe'ahi, aka Jaws– which, in case you hadn’t noticed, has already provided some of the biggest swells of the Hawaiian winter. Back in 2016, Dingo took quite a beating – one that earnt him entry into the Wipeout of the Year Awards.


Koby Abberton

Hometown:New South Wales, Australia
Sponsors:The Mad Hueys、JS Industries

Koby Abberton (born 2 June 1979 in Maroubra, New South Wales), an Australian former professional surfer, is a member of the Australian surf gang, the Bra Boys. In November 2010, Abberton was announced as one of 24 alternates to the 26th Annual The Eddie at Waimea Bay, Hawaii.


Team Los Angeles, US

Alex Gray

Hometown:Southern California, USA
Years of surfing:20 Years
Sponsors:Channel Islands、Body Glove、Spy、OAM Surf

Gray, 32, was born and raised in Torrance, CA. When he was just 10 years old, his brother and role model, Chris, took him surfing and he has surfed since. He says after that first wave, he never wanted to do anything else and to make a career out of it was his immediate dream. A few years later, at just 12 years old, he was approached by Volcom and Body Glove to represent their brands. In 2014, he was announced as one of 24 alternates to the Annual The Eddie big wave competition.


Cheyne Magnussen

Cheyne Anders Magnusson (born July 14, 1983) is a professional surfer and one of the stars of MTV's reality show Maui Fever.

Magnusson was born in Southern California and moved to Hawaii with his family at the age of seven.

At the age of sixteen, Magnusson was the 2000 Men's Hawaiian State Champion in surfing. In June of that year, he then represented the state of Hawaii in United States at the world championships—the highest honor an amateur surfer can receive. By the age of twenty-two, Cheyne was surfing professionally and was sponsored by Body Glove, Osiris Shoes, Dragon, and Chemistry Surfboards.


Team Hawaii,US

Jamie Sterling

Hometown:Haleiwa, Hawaii, US
Years of surfing:31 years
Sponsors:MT &  Sera’s Surf

Surf pro-Jamie Sterling is a big wave champion who hails from the North Shore of Oahu. He began surfing at the early age of five and is one of the few people in the world who conquers 50-foot waves. He has forged a successful career of chasing waves of consequence all over the globe. As a consummate professional, his life is encompassed in the pursuit of preparedness, health, fitness, and knowledge of the crafts he uses to navigate such death-defying surfing conditions. Sterling is also a staunch advocate of yoga, which he integrates into his everyday life in conjunction with CrossFit and a healthy nutritional plan.

From his early years as an Ocean Lifeguard in Southern California, having an educated approach to the conditions at hand has been the foundation of his big wave career. Sterling has accomplished impressive finishes at numerous events on the Big Wave World Tour, where he has proven that he is well equipped to be a perennial contender to be the best in the world.

Consequently, Sterling has become a regular fixture at the world’s heaviest locales like Cortez Bank, Jaws, Mavericks, Dungeons, Teahupoo, Todos Santos, Chile’s El Buey and El Bajo. Sterling is the 2006 Billabong XXL Performer of the Year, placed 3rd in the Mavericks Invitational in 2008, was the Pico Alto Invitational Peru Champ in 2010, is the 2011 Big Wave World Tour Champion, and was invited to the 2014 Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational event, as well as the 2015 Titans of Mavericks Invitational.


Reno Makani

Hometown:Hawaii, US
Sponsors:MT, Spyder Surfboards & Fiik Electric Skateboards

Growing up in the county, Reno first learned to ride horses, bikes and motorbikes. At age 3 he began riding waves on a boogie board, by age 13 he was hooked on surfing. Reno's real passions of capturing dramatic POV footage led him to develop the Modern Technocracy and the most innovative mounting options ever created and patented.


Team Brazil

João Pedro Simonsen


João Simonsen is the legendary surfer of Brazil. He started surfing when he was 4 years old and now he is 52. As the big wave navigator of Brazil, João was the first Brazilian riding on JAWS in Hawaii. He traveled through out the world to catch the famous wave spots in the United States, Indonesia, South Africa and Australia.


Heitor Duarte


João新队友,来自巴西圣保罗的马利西亚斯,今年16岁的他拿下过巴西赛区的多个冲浪冠军,其中包括Volcom TCT以及巴西世界冲浪冠军Gabriel Medina举办的ASM比赛,也是世界冠军Gabriel Medina创建的冲浪学院Instituto Gabriel Medina着重培养的冲浪人才。


Team Hangzhou,China

Pablo Huang

Age: 30 (1987/10/22)
Hometown: Lanzhou
Years of surfing:11 years

First generation surfer from Sanya. Lived and surfed in UK for 2 years, took part in several competitions in UK and EU.

Competition highlights:
2011 Best local surfer, Hainan Surf Open
2012 BUCS(UK) Surf Championship men’s shortboard division 7th place
2013 ASP Hainan Classics 6 star 2nd round
2014 O’Neill Hainan Surf Open, mixed SUP Champion. Men’s shortboard division 4th place
2014 ISA China Cup, member of China team. Round 2. Best score in team
2014 WSL Hainan classics round 3
2015 World QS rank 407. The highest rank among all Chinese surfers


Alan Zhao

Age: 26 (1991/4/23)
Hometown: Guangxi
Years of SUrfing:8 years

One of the instructors at Riyue Bay surf club, quickly improving his shortboard skills on Riyue Bay easy lefts. Free diver and big wave surfer. Breath underwater record at 4 minutes.